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  1. John Barnes says:

    Thank you for organizging this group. Sounds very interesting and much needed. I would appreciate hearing about future events and look forward to participating!


    John D. Barnes
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Physical Therapy Association

  2. Richard Merritt says:

    I am the chairman of the Alexandria Public Health Advisory Commission and would be very interested in knowing how one can join the Policy Forum. Thank you.

    Richard Merritt

  3. George Smith says:

    Hello Friends at NVHPF

    I read on your interesting web page that there “are over thirty non-profit organizations representing health care interests headquartered in Old Town, Alexandria. There are dozens more of these organizations throughout Alexandria, Arlington and the rest of Northern Virginia.”.

    If your organization has a list of these organizations, how could I obtain the names of the organizations on the list from you or the NVHPF?

    This is not for any marketing or sales purposes, but rather to help a friend, who has background in health care policy, understand what is available in Northern Virginia for a possible positive career move.

    Your organization fills a great niche and is a real help to the medical care community.

    I would be really grateful to hear from you.

    Thank you!

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